Methandienone 100 tabs 10mg

Axio Labs Methandienone 100 tabs 10mg

• Pharmaceutical Form
• Drug Class: Oral Anabolic Androgenic Steroid
• Active Life: 6-8hours
• Average Dose: 25-50 mg/day
• Liver Toxicity: High
• Aromatization rate: High
• DHT Conversion: None
• Decrease HPTA function: Yes
• Anabolic/ Androgenic rate: 90-210 : 40-60
• Active Substance: Methandienone 10mg/tab

Methandienone is a very popular oral anabolic steroid which derives from testosterone and possesses high androgenic qualities.

While using Methandienone one may experience weight gain together with increase in strength. Methandienone significantly improves recovery of glycogen stores depleted during exercise. Also, it reduces the activity of cortisol, so that it avoids the breakdown of muscle fibers in the post-training period.

Due to the fact that Methandienone causes water retention, the steroid user may get that puffy look. Methandienone is liver toxic, which is why it is recommended to take live support products before during and after cycle.

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